Chipped Tooth Repair

A chipped tooth can affect the appearance of your smile and can even cause irritation to the lips and tongue with repeated contact. It can also weaken the enamel, leaving your smile vulnerable to future dental problems.

Our dentists and team offer chipped tooth repair in Southfield, Michigan. Dr. Jonathan Miodownik may suggest using a composite dental filling or a dental veneer to solve the problem, although in most cases, dental bonding is the most effective treatment.

Our doctor will first administer a mild topical anesthetic if needed, although this is often unnecessary. Then, the doctor may gently abrade the affected area to shape it and, in some cases, make it easier for the bond to adhere to the tooth. Afterward, we will take composite resin and blend it to match the color of the rest of your tooth. The doctor will apply it to the chipped area and then allow it to harden or cure it using a special light. Once the resin has hardened, the doctor will trim and smooth the bond and then polish it to help it blend in seamlessly with your smile. Your new bond can last for years with the right care.

If you have a minor smile flaw, contact our office at 248-557-2618 to plan your visit.